Behind a great event, often lies an amazing sponsor! Sponsorships provide ArtsConnect™ with the resources to make great events event better, educational classes more exciting and needed facilities a reality. In return, sponsorships provide businesses with unique marketing opportunities, unlike any paid advertisement. Sponsorships connect a brand to a community with a feel-good quality and show customers that they care in bringing families together through quality arts programming.

There are several sponsorship and even advertising opportunities available through ArtsConnect™. Learning more about the opportunities start right here!

ArtsConnect offers sponsorships for:
Concerts ($1,000 each)
Movie Nights ($500 each)
WinterFest ($100-$6,000)
Breakfast with Santa ($250-$1000)
Daddy Daughter Dance ($250)
Mom Prom ($250)
ArtLocal Art Show ($250)
Playhouse in the Park, Off the Hill ($100-$250)
Pop-Up Art Fun ($100)
Theater ($500-$2,000)

Fill out the sponsorship interest form here. We will be in contact with you to answer questions you may have and to begin your sponsorship rewards.

Please call 522-1410 for additional information or if you have questions.