Instructor Requirements

ArtsConnect Could Be Looking For You!

ArtsConnect is always on the search for creative, talented, and informative instructors to teach various types of classes. It is very important to us that we locate highly skilled individuals that are experts in their field of art. Just as important, we are looking for instructors that are organized, good communicators and pass along their skill with the upmost professionalism that encourages students to learn and grow artistically. 

Experience should be demonstrated through examples of your  work, quality references and through an interview process. 

Instructor Agreement

After an interview, reference check and background check, all instructors selected are required to execute a written agreement with ArtsConnect. The agreement shall outline, among other things, the class dates, length, and duration of the program; cost to participants to be collected by the ArtsConnect; supply allowances and the minimum / maximum number of registrations required. The term of the instructor agreement is dependent upon the type of class offered and number of sessions the Education Director and the instructor agree to. Contracts can renewed by session or annually. ArtsConnect may, for any reason, determine to discontinue a class or offer the same program by a different instructor. 

Instructor Fees / Payment / Other Requirements

Each program can include a combination of class fees, supply fees and, in some cases equipment fees that are paid by the student to participate in the program. ArtsConnect will retain 30% of the base class fees and 100% of any equipment fees, while the instructor retains 70% of  the base class fees. The supply fees will be retained by either ArtsConnect or the instructor, based upon who purchases the class supplies. These amounts will all be determined in advance and will be included in the contract.  Payments to the instructor are made within 30 days after the completion of the session. Instructors are independent contractors and are not employees of Springfield Township or ArtsConnect; no benefits, hourly wage, or workers compensation will be offered. Depending on the type of class offered, It is advisable that instructors carry their own personal liability insurance.